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Trollmusic is dedicated to releasing otherworldly, heathen, and heretic music by hand-picked artists and bands. The label was founded by veteran music journalist Thor Joakimsson, who has also been active in the A&R department of Prophecy Productions and Lupus Lounge since the late Nineties.
Trollmusic stands for old school values: passionately crafted music with a focus on haunting atmospheres instead of soulless perfectionism as well as handmade artworks, suitably styled design, and high quality packaging.

From 2013 to 2021, Trollmusic was internationally represented by the independent media group SPKR.

From 2022, Trollmusic is again run as DIY underground label. These days, we face the challenges of our affluent society which produces way too much junk goods. Thus we reconsider our possibilities of publishing music on physical sound carriers and appropriate merch. (Yes, less is more!)
Copyright by trollish law until the end of days.
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