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Does TROLLMUSIC really suggest to think  - even twice - about working with other labels?

Yes, we do so, for various reasons. First we aren't (that) megalomanic to brag that TROLLMUSIC is the best label in the world (at least you won't find us boasting like that unless we have paid tribute to the spirits in brown ale...). Second, we know the trustworthy and nice folks behind some other labels. They're no concurrence, at least not in a narrower sense, but rather partners in crime publishing music we and our friends enjoy in sound and appearance (product quality, etc). And third, when you chose to consider working with TROLLMUSIC even after negotiating other labels, your decision might have a solid basis, mightn't it?

But isn't such a suggestion plain stupid?

No, it is honest. TROLLMUSIC is a small label, regardless the infrastructure of PROPHECY and SPKR in the back. It's still a hobby, born from the passion for music, art, nature, mythology and teh joy of creating something that has a certain inspiring value for other people who maybe share a similar passion for wyrd music, mother nature and art beyond the mainstream.

And why this approach...? What else...?

We have witnessed a lot of business bullshit: Believe it or not, we know bands who discovered new guitar layers on their record (AFTER the release) because some label guy thought it sounded better and hired a studio musician without telling the band. We know bands who pay the production costs of their sound carriers although they're on a label (and already paid for the recordings, which is nowadays more or less the rule for many small bands). So, if you want to avoid something like that, please always TAKE THE TIME when reading contractual offers, and don't shy away from asking a lawyer or at least a trustworthy expert for their professional perception of the offer before you sign a deal. And if somebody put pressure on you to hurry up with your decision, it might be clever to stay away from that "interested party".

Recommended labels:

Ván Records

It should be superfluous to stress the quality of this label and its releases. If you didn't hold a vinyl from Ván Records in your hands so far, you must be new to these kinds of music (merry meet!), or you probably just woke up from a bit longer hibernation. Friends like Jasper and Mark of ALVENRAD are happy that Ván Records takes care of the mighty :Nodfyr:, and a label which releases the music of bands like Universe217 or Árstíðir Lifsins undoubtedly proves an exquisite taste in music.
Eisenwald Tonschmiede

Another label

Nordvis has been established by a musician who probably has a substantial insight into music business and thus an empathic understanding of what support bands and musicians really need. When it comes to nature- / folk- / outback-inspired black metal and more, Nordvis has maybe a similar adventurous roster as the ECM label, just with a different background. "Poor music for poor people"? - Enriching music for those who still enjoy to leave city life far behind, we daresay.
Prophecy Productions

Without Prophecy Productions : no Trollmusic. As easy as that.

Einheit Produktionen

A label for various shades of metal under the banner of unity ("Einheit"), established by a true heathen heart. Musicians of Lux Divina and Utmarken belong not only to our personal circle of friends, but their bands belong to the finest in today's scene (at least from a trollish point of view).

Dan Capp / EinherjArt

Dan Capp is a man of many talents, and besides his English heathen folk project Wolcensmen and his involvement in Winterfylleth, he helps artists and bands to realize designs which leave an impact. Nowadays he mainly focuses on logo design and layout design. With great empathy for the music and the inspiration behind, Dan created the album designs for Byrdi and Fornhem.

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