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Vinsta Wiads
(Troll 009)

Digipak CD

Release date: 08-25-2017

Ett Fjärran Kall
(Troll 008)

Digipak CD

Release date: 08-25-2017

Ansur : Urkraft
(Troll 007)

Digipak CD

Release date: 03-17-2017
"If you like traditional songs in Norwegian, Byrdi is your world. These are inspiringly epic songs with passion, beauty and tradition all weaved in." – 9,5/10 points

Andrew Doherty /

(Troll 006)

LP & Digipak CD

Release date: 03-17-2017
"Taudr is absolutely entrancing. They are a band who have a certain internal viciousness that is only tempered by their dedication to higher, and far more ancient concepts. King Of Asgard are a band who are going to captivate you and remind you once more that Viking metal will never die, but only rise, harder and stronger."

Matt / Two Guys Metal

Sorgsendömet Fobos
(Troll 005)

Gatefold Digisleeve CD

Release date: 11-06-2015
"In such a short time, Tusen År Under Jord has created a sonic map of the fantastic places I’ve sought solace and crafted the stories of the beasts that used to haunt them. I can only hope to one day discover the physical location for these strange and beautiful sounds."

Ben / Black Metal And Brews

For The Love Of Me
(Troll 004)

Digipak CD

Release date: 11-14-2014
"Call it neo-folk, call it singer/songwriter, call it indie or call it however you like. 'For The Love Of Me' is just beautiful. That kind of 'beautiful' which helps your soul to take a rest and doesn't take itself too important." - 8,5/10 points

Metal Is Forever Alive Blog

(Troll 003)

Digipak CD

Release date: 04-04-2014
"This band has a sound all it's own and they sound like they have been doing this for years. I'm really interested in seeing what's next for this band. This band has a magic that I've not seen in a very long time. The sky's the limit for this band."

The Elitistic Metalhead

Lost, Alien & Forlorn
(Troll 002)

Digipak CD

Release date: 02-26-2013
"If you want to know the sound of sorrow & yearning, listen to this album!" - 15/15 points

Jan Fischer / Legacy
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