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Raw and unpolished Black Metal in Norwegian style

SKARNTYDE is a project of the two multi-instrumentalists Fjelleiner (Licht- und Schattensaiten, Jahresringe) and Gerileme (Asche der Welten, Burial In The Woods and many more). So far, SKARNTYDE has released the demo "Spurvehauk" (2019) and the album "Flukt fra menneskeligheten" (2021), which were well received among fans of raw Norwegian black metal.
On their new mini-album "Da jeg gråt ved jordens ruiner" ("When I cried at the ruins of the earth"), the black metal band SKARNTYDE sounds more sullen, yet more aggressive than before. While the Bavarian duo's atmospherically dense debut full-length "Flukt fra menneskeligheten" (2021) still drew attention with unmistakable reminiscences of Ulver's first albums, the three new compositions prove to be less accessible or even idyllic, but instead offer primal, raw sounds. This development is understandable, as Skarntyde sketch a gloomy picture of failure in the face of a man-made, global catastrophe, in which man, despite all his self-centredness, is not even able to preserve his small, beloved refuges in the countryside.
SKARNTYDE’s mini album will be available as professionally pressed CD in an eco-friendly gatefold sleeve, including an exclusive patch by Iron & Ash (only available with this first edition).

Earlier releases:

"Spurvehauk" (2019)
"Flukt fra menneskeligheten" (2021)

Releases on Trollmusic:

"Da jeg gråt ved jordens ruiner" (11-25-2022, co-production with Schattenpfade)
"Da jeg gråt ved jordens ruiner" : press quotes

"This haunting and harrowing music is a reminder that there’s still black brilliance."
No Clean Singing

"SKARNTYDE's trademark is creating atypical and crafty guitar leads and enjoyable bass lines that fall outside the common black realm."
Mão da Glória

"Hätte man 1995 Thorns und Ulver, Abigor und Dødheimsgard gepaart, dann hätte aus diesen Verbindungen SKARNTYDE entstehen können. Dieses Mini-Album atmet Nostalgie, ohne ein Abklatsch der genannten Bands zu sein."

Grànt (Gràb, Trinitas, ex Dark Fortress)
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