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Out now / ab sofort erhältlich: EYE OF MORDOR & SKARNTYDE CDs & patches
Finally, you can order both albums by SKARNTYDE and EYE OF MORDOR directly from us. Just write an email to Or browse the stores of Einheit Produktionen or Schattenpfade.

EYE OF MORDOR : The Old Master
CD in hand-printed gatefold sleeve with booklet and woven patch with golden logo
14 € (Versand in Deutschland)
16 € (worldwide shipping in unsecured letter)
EYE OF MORDOR : The Old Master
CD in hand-printed gatefold sleeve with booklet and woven patch with golden logo + promo tape
19 € (Versand in Deutschland)
21 € (worldwide shipping in unsecured letter)
SKARNTYDE : Da jeg gråt ved jordens ruiner
CD in hand-printed gatefold sleeve with booklet and exclusive woven patch by Iron & Ash
15 € (Versand in Deutschland)
17 € (worldwide shipping in unsecured letter)
The gatefold sleeves of our latest releases are made of kraft carton which is said to be "eco-friendly". We hand-printed and hand-numbered each sleeve. Furthermore we include high quality patches  (limited to 100 pieces each) with both albums which will only be available together with those CDs.

"Da jeg gråt ved jordens ruiner"
SKARNTYDE’s new mini-album is released in a joint venture with Schattenpfade.

1. Erkjennelser
2. Ord (for døve ører)

"Da jeg gråt ved jordens ruiner" is available as professionally pressed CD in an eco-friendly gatefold sleeve, including an exclusive patch by Iron & Ash (only available with this first edition).

Buy in the Schattenpfade shop or order your copy for 13 € plus postage by email:

EYE OF MORDOR "The Old Master"
The long-awaited album by the obscure Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient project by Tentakel P. will be released on winter solstice (December 21st) as CD including an exclusive woven patch with golden logo.
The cover of "The Old Master" features an illustration by fantasy artist David Thiérrée (Mortiis, Ihsahn, Byrdi ...).

1. Time As Vala
2. Beleriand
3. Angainor
4. Morgoth

All songs arranged by Tentakel P.
GRÀB  "Zeitlang" 2nd vinyl edition
The 2nd vinyl edition of the GRÀB "Zeitlang" album is out now (on blue vinyl) and can be bought in the SPKR shop as well as various mailorders.

In the meantime, "Zeitlang" has unceasingly received praise from fans and media alike, including various mentions as (black metal) newcomer of the year 2021.
FORNHEM "Stämman Från Berget"
To proclaim that the music of FORNHEM is easily accessible, would be a bald lie. Much to our amusement, many have complained about the piercing sound of the Swedes' sophomore album "Stämman Från Berget" ("The Voice From The Mountain"). Nevertheless, every now and then, adventurous listeners discover more than first meets the ear... buy the album in the SPKR shop

"If you’re a black metal fan, you need this record. It’s a pagan feast of complete metal mayhem."
4/5 - Theron Moore -

"Here and now, right in the middle of this strange era, FORNHEM bring everything back to the supremacy of the primordial darkness of the true origins."
8.5/10 - Luca Zakk -
Copyright by trollish law until the end of days.
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