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Gruff Black Metal from Bavaria

Nature. Misanthropy. Solitude. Death. - With this unmistakable focus, the Bavarian black metal band GRÀB has recorded its debut album "Zeitlang", featuring a.o. Schwadorf (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless), PK (Abigor), Morean (Dark Fortress) and Paymon (ex Dark Fortress) as guest musicians.
Honouring its local dialect, the band evokes the primeval force of (Nordic) black metal with a truly personal and saturnine approach. So, the music of GRÀB sounds like a grim echo from dark gorges in the mountains, where the horror of the inevitable haunts you in the final hour.

The band originally consists of Grant (vocals & poetry), Gråin (guitar, bass, synths), and Hoaza (drums).

Mixing and mastering was executed by Thomas Taube (White Mantis, ex Odem Arcarum) in his Five Lakes Studio.

"gràb" is a Bavarian term for "grey" / "old".

Releases on Trollmusic:

"Zeitlang" (tba)

GRÀB 2020: Gråin & Grant
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