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2004: The birth of the label

In 2004, Thor Joakimsson conducted an interview with Engwar of Ainulindalë for the 10th issue of his Mørkeskye fanzine. He thus realized that the debut album of this promising dark folk newcomer was already sold out, and so he thought about releasing a 2nd edition - Trollmusic was born. Already back then, the album was created with great care for the aesthetics, and so the song titles and liner notes were hand-written by a friend in order to give the album a "handmade" fairy-tale appearance.

2013 - 2021: The SPKR years

Nevertheless, the idea to establish Trollmusic as a real label grew slowly, while Thor kept helping his friends at Prophecy Productions every now and then on a freelancer basis, mostly in the A&R department. In 2013, the release of DE ARMA's "Lost, Alien & Forlorn" marked the beginning of a cooperation with SPKR/Prophecy which lasted for eight years and expired in 2021 with the release of DE ARMA's "Strayed In Shadows". In these years, Trollmusic released 17 albums with the help of SPKR, some of them also on vinyl. In 2016, on the eve of the Prophecy Fest in Balve, an international audience attended the so far one and only Trollmusic concert evening.

2022: Keep on trollin' the DIY way...

With the signing of dark ambient / dungeon synth act EYE OF MORDOR, a new chapter in the Trollmusic book starts.
Copyright by trollish law until the end of days.
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