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Solbane, Thuleman, Vafthrudner (Photo: Nejja Olofsson)
Mesmerizing black metal from Sweden

Ingmar Bergman, Burzum, J.R.R. Tolkien, Friedrich Nietzsche...* any more name-dropping needed? Gunnar Ekelöf might be lesser known, yet also this Swedish lyricist has inspired the second album of FORNHEM, entitled "Stämman Från Berget" ("Voice From The Mountain").

Three years after their debut "Ett Fjärran Kall" ("A Call From Afar"), the Swedish band returns with another deeply personal interpretation of black metal. While the musical roots might seem more than obvious (at least at first sight), there’s more to discover behind the walls of primitively pounding drums, hypnotically shredded riffs and despiteous screams.

So far, FORNHEM mainly received applause for their uncompromising take on the black metal in its almost meditative form. With new guitarist Thuleman in their ranks, FORNHEM demonstrate that this style still has more to offer than one might assume, taking up diverse influences from the early second wave of black metal and fusing them even with primeval heavy metal. Thus, the five songs reflect a rather broad spectre of traditional (black) metal with a raw sound which consequently mocks the shallowness of "top-modern" productions.

Releases on Trollmusic:

"Ett Fjärran Kall" (08-25-2017)
"Stämman från Berget" (2021)

"Ett Fjärran Kall" : Press Quotes

“A nearly transcendent experience.”
88/100 - Vera Matthijssens - Lords of Metal

"A very cold and hypnotic experience."
Spitzl - Voices from the Darkside

"As if you could really stir Darkthrone, Drudkh and Burzum together to make a perfectly grim cake."
Guido Segers - Echoes & Dust

"The quality of the songwriting on ‘Ett Fjärran Kall’ is insane. The way that the band is so easily able to conjure up these grandiose visions and remind us of their blazing eternal power is intense."
Matt Bacon - Two Guys Metal Reviews

"Mein Black-Metal-Album des Jahres 2017: Ein unscheinbares, einfaches und gerade deshalb perfektes Meisterwerk."
Andreas - Vampster

"Die bitterkalten Kompositionen schneiden sich wie ein Messer ins Ohr. Ein kaltes und borstiges Werk."
5/6 - Missy S. - Eternity Magazin

"Wer die herbe Schönheit im klassischen Black Metal zu schätzen weiß, liegt hier goldrichtig."
Katja Pabel - Krachmanifest

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